Monday's Minute Challenge 6/4

Hey Everybody!
First off, my entry from last week won first place! :D
Secondly, I've got another MMC for you! I wrote this one on the bus ride to Canobie Lake Park (for a band field trip). It's 237 words and based off of Maddie's prompt: “This,” he said, sitting straighter, “was not part of the plan.”

     The underground room was dark, lit only by a few fluorescent lights along the ceiling. The seven teenagers scattered about the room were the sole occupants. One of them, Josiah Ashton, half listened as Nathan Mullsworth and his second in command discussed the plan for that night. Josiah idly twirled a broken pen as the boys debated, not paying too much attention until something caught his ear.
     “Whoa, wait a second, guys. This,” he said, sitting straighter, “was not part of the plan.”
     “Whose plan?” Lars asked from his spot on the couch, tossing a handful of potato chips in his mouth. “This is what we talked about.”
     “When?” Josiah asked. “I don’t remember-”
     “What does it matter?” Nathan, the leader of the group of boys, interrupted, “This is the plan, and we’re staying with it.”
     Josiah stood. “You’re staying with it. I’m leaving.”
     Nathan slowly rose as well. “I’m sorry, what was that?” There was no mistaking the thinly veiled threat in his words.
     The other boys moved to surround their leader, but Josiah stayed where he was. “I said I’m not doing it.”
     “Then that’s too bad- for you.” Nathan turned to a dark haired kid in a red t-shirt, and said quietly. “Keith, you guard the door.”
     Keith shot Josiah a despairing look, but obeyed Nathan’s orders. Josiah raised his fists as the other boys advanced. He wouldn’t be going down without a fight.


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