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On The First Day of Camp...

... I was up at four a.m.
(Well, three thirty eight, to be exact.)

Greetings all!!

Well, the first day of Camp is over for me. I've had a pretty productive day!

At 3:38 I woke up, two minutes before my alarm (after a very long dream in which I dreamed that I was oversleeping and not getting up early like I planned... it was weird O.o)

After getting dressed and getting everything I needed for school out of my room... came the ninja tests.

Ninja Test 1: Make it through the child gate at the top of the stairs and the down the stairs. Silently.
Because "you wake them, you watch them" is my mom's rule about siblings when I decide to get up at insane hours of the morning.
Ninja Grade: Passing. No children woke up. And I only tripped in the dark twice. *nods*
Time of arrival in the kitchen:

Ninja Test 2:
Procure sustenance because it is now 4:20 in the morning, and food is good. Also without waking siblings.
So I made tea.
And a toasted peanut butter sandwich.
Ninja Grade: …