Saturday, July 25, 2015

MMC 7/20

Hello there!
Once again, I'm participating in the Monday's Minute Challenge hosted by Tessa Emily Hall on her blog. Also, this'll be my last post for a few weeks, since I'll be going on vacation with hardly any wifi. But when I get back I'll have some great blog tours coming up!
Anyway, my story this week is 262 words long, and it's a continuation of last week's story about Tara and Karly. (You can read last week's story here) I used the sentence prompt (submitted by Natalie), and had to write a piece either including, or based around the sentence: I turned around to get a better look and immediately wished I hadn't.

     “Tara?” Karly called softly as she pushed open the door to her friend’s apartment. “Tara, are you in here?”
     She took a step further and gasped. The entire room had been ransacked. Drawers lay overturned on the floor, and several things were broken.
     “Tara?” She called a bit louder. “Tara, where are you? Are you all right?”
     Something in the adjoining room caught her eye. Karly turned around to get a better look and immediately wished she hadn't. “Tara!”
     She ran for the door, blindly snatching up a heavy object in case the intruder was still lurking about. Tara was sprawled on the floor in the next room, an empty white mug on the ground beside her. As Karly kneeled down beside her, she lifted her head and opened her eyes. “Karly?”
     The two friends threw their arms around each other.
     “I thought you were the guy coming back!” Tara explained. “I thought he, I don’t know, figured out that I was just playing dead before.”
     “Who was he, Tara?” Karly asked.
     Tara shook her head. “I don’t know. Whoever he was, he wore all black, and he didn’t look twice once he saw me on the floor with the empty mug.”
     “Oh,” Karly nodded. “He probably figured you had drank the poison. But you’re all right, right?”
     Tara nodded. “Though my heart feels like it’s going to beat out of my chest.”
     Karly laughed a little. “That’s understandable.”
     She pushed herself to her feet and pulled Tara up as well. “Come on, my car’s outside. We should get you someplace safe.”

Monday, July 13, 2015

MMC 7/6

     Hey there, everyone!
     I'm back again with another Monday's Minute Challenge! (hosted by Tessa Emily Hall on her blog: My entry for this one is 260 words, and I used the picture prompt and the sentence prompt (both submitted by Maddie).
     Side notes/updates:
     The Space Kitties Facebook party was a blast (pun fully intended :) ) yesterday. I know I had a lot of fun, and a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to hang out with all of us authors!
     Camp NaNoWriMo and Ransom. Well, I've changed my wordcount again. I'm shooting for 25,000 words (more if I can) and I've already passed 10,000. I promise you though, this story will NOT die out after camp ends!
     And now, my Monday's Minute entry.

      “Hey, Tara,” Karly picked up her phone. “What’s up?”
      “Hey, Karly!” her friend answered. “Nothin much. How ‘bout you? How are things in the secret agent corner of the world?”
      Karly grinned. “Classified, as always.”
      The two friends shared a laugh.
      “So,” Tara said, “I was calling to ask… oh, wait. Hold on a second, Josh is at the door.”
      Karly's laughter died. "Josh... who?"
      "Josh Mainstrom, of course!"
      Karly heard the door opening, and then the muffled sounds of a conversation between Tara and Josh. Finally the door shut again.
      "Okay, I'm back." Tara said, and Karly could hear her footsteps echo through the entryway of her house.
      "What'd he want?"
      "He brought me coffee. Wasn't that sweet? And not the store kind in one of those cheap styrofoam cups, but, like, actual coffee in a nice mug."
      Karly froze. "You- you haven't drank any of it... have you?"
      "No, silly! I'm talking to you! It smells delicious though..."
      "Dump it out, Tara. Right now!"
      It said something about their friendship that Tara didn't question Karly's order, and the horrified gasp on the other end of the phone confirmed Karly's fears.
      Images flashed through her mind: a white mug, empty, with the words "you've been poisoned" written on the bottom in black sharpie. No, they can't do that! she told herself. But they could. Of course they could.
      They could do anything they wanted.
      "Don't move, Tara." She ordered before hanging up. "Like, don't even answer your phone or the door, just wait for me. I'll be right there."

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Space Kitties Print Release!

Hey everyone, exciting news!!

Today is the print release day for the anthology Space Kitties: Feline Forays through the Galaxies, which includes my short story Prankster! You can hop on over to Facebook and check out the party going on there:

Or if you want you can order a kindle copy on Amazon, order a paperback copy from Createspace, and add it to your shelf on Goodreads!

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Ransom Related Things

     Greetings, all!
     Well, it's July! No school, lots of summer heat, and lots of writing.
     Remember my goal of 50,000 words for Camp NaNoWriMo? Well, I've dropped it down to 35,000 because 50k just isn't possible without sacrificing everything else this month. But the good news is that Ransom is, slowly but surely, getting done! :) 4889 words and counting....
     (Trivia fact, Ransom is the first of my books to have a cover beyond doodles on a piece of paper)
     And today I have an excerpt from Ransom for you... just cuz. :)

     Lucas rattled the manacles on his wrists, searching for any weaknesses in the metal- weaknesses which he could exploit in order to escape. Though, he cast a wry look at the cell door, he’d have to get free of more than the manacles for an escape to be successful.
     He sighed, wrapped his arms around his knees and leaned his head against his arms.
     Soft footsteps echoed through the dungeon, accompanied by the scraping of metal against stone every few feet. Someone coughed, and he looked up to see a girl standing at the door of his cell with a tray of food in one hand, and a wooden mug in the other. Her long brown dress mostly hid her bare feet, though it was patched in several places.
     The girl bent over and slid the tray through the slot at the bottom of the door, then reached through the metal bars and placed the mug next to the tray.
     “Thank you,” the words slipped from Lucas’s dry throat.
     The girl jumped, startled, before whispering back, “You’re… you’re welcome.”
     “I am Lucas,” he said, moving towards the door, manacles clanking with every motion.
     The girl shrank back. “I- I know,” she stammered, blue eyes wide.
     Lucas reached for the bread, scraped off a bit of mildew, and bowed his head. Lord, please get me out of here. Protect my brother, and keep him and anyone with him safe. Help the other prisoners here, and… thank you that I’m still alive. “Amen,” he whispered.
     He looked up, and was surprised to see that the girl was still standing there. “Was there something else?” he asked, his voice raspy from disuse.
     “No,” the girl ducked her head and quickly turned to go.
     “Wait,” Lucas called. She froze, and he heard her breathing escalate. “What is your name?”
     She shook her head, slowly at first, then harder, making her brown braid whip back and forth. “N- no.” Her voice was barely above a whisper, and before he could say anything else, she ran away from his cell. He heard her feet slap against the stone floor, then the stairs. A door slammed, and then all was silent.
     Lucas sighed, though a tiny flicker of hope had ignited within him. Lord? Could she be your way of getting me out?
     There was no audible answer. Lucas sighed again, and took a small bite, trying to determine the best way to make the meager amount of food last.
     And faint, on a rare breath of fresh air, drifted one word.

     Bry leaned against the closed door, the one that lead to the dungeons. Why had he noticed her? She had done everything like the other girls, save flaunt herself in front of the prisoners. She was supposed to be invisible! Why had he seen her? Her thoughts whirled round and round.
     “Girl!” the cook screeched. It didn’t matter which of the girls came. She wasn’t speaking to any in particular, and she didn’t deem them important enough to learn the names of. It was understood that if you were close enough to hear her, you’d better come. Names didn’t matter here.
     “I am Lucas,” the man had said.
     What had she responded? “I know”? Bry felt her face grow hot as she hurried to the cook’s side. What a stupid answer! He probably thinks I’m a simpleton, or doing a miserable job of imitating the other girls’ flirting. At the least, he won’t ever talk to me again.
     Isn’t that what you wanted? A little voice taunted. To be invisible?
     Bry groaned silently and slammed the dough harder than necessary, earning herself a sharp swat from the cook’s wooden spoon.
     Admit it, the voice continued, You want him to notice you.
     No! She answered firmly, I just want him out of my head!