Lylia's story

In April I stumbled across Lylia, a character from a vocab story I wrote for school, in the woods for my first Character Encounter. And I said that I'd post her story on here "someday". So, since I haven't quite finished my Monday's Minute entry, and it's not Tuesday, and I also haven't finished my June Character Encounter, I figured now was a good time. Enjoy!

Mr. Grant smiled benevolently down at his prodigy- the musical wonder Nicholas Fields.
“I suppose I will allow you this one small concession, Nicholas,” he said, fully playing the role of the generous benefactor, “But don’t let it happen again, do you understand?”
With difficulty, Nicholas bit back a sharp retort before mumbling, “Yes, sir.”
“Psst! Nicholas, over here!”
Nicholas spun around. “Who’s there?”
There was a flash of movement in the shadows, then Nicholas could make out the shape of a hand beckoning to him. The other hand was holding a small package. As Nicholas drew closer he could make out the owner of both.
“Shhh!” Lylia pressed a finger to her lips and disappeared father into the shadows. Moments later she reappeared and gestured for him to follow her. With one quick look back, Nicholas dashed after her.
Lylia stopped in a secluded area and turned to face Nicholas as he caught up to her.
Before Nicholas could say anything, Lylia took the package and pressed it into his hand. “I heard about what happened earlier,” she said simply by way of explanation.
Lylia watched as he unwrapped the small box and slowly lifted the lid. He appeared confused for a moment at the seemingly empty box, and was opening his mouth to form a question. Then the smell hit him.
It truly was like watching someone get hit by a wave, Lylia thought. Nicholas staggered backwards at the malodorous aroma, nearly dropping the box in the process.
“UGH!” he gagged, “What is that?”
Lylia grinned innocently. “Why, a present for Mr. Grant, of course.”
The smell wrapped around them, growing more pungent by the minute, until Nicholas was surprised that the box didn’t emanate green fumes. A smile spread across his face as he began to see Lylia’s plan. Closing the box and handing it back to her, Nicholas saw the gleam in her eyes, the one that probably mirrored his own.
“Yes,” he said slowly, “I believe that this would be the perfect gift for our friend Mr. Grant.”