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Dragon's Girl -- Flash Fiction

Today I have a flash fiction story for Rachelle O'Neil's Flash Fiction Challenge :D
(Be sure to stop by and check out the other stories as well! I read some of them, and they're really good! :D)
I was given the prompt "Most people would've screamed at the sight of it. She laughed." by Sarah, and I could use it in any form.  Dragon's Girl ended up at 630 words. Enjoy!
Most people would have screamed. She laughed.  Laughed as the dragon streaked across the sky. Laughed as she was swept into her mother’s arms and carried at a panicked, jostling pace. Laughed as the dragon landed in front of them and drew in a smoky breath. The bright, carefree giggles of the infant bubbled out of her mouth and hung in the air. The dragon paused, staring at the child. It crept closer, moving lightly like a cat across the rubble, eyes alight with curiosity. The trembling mother backed away, but the dragon kept coming. The woman stepped backwards again and felt the groun…

A Tale for... Thursday? Jack

This should have been up on Tuesday, but one thing led to another and, well, it wasn't. By the way, does anyone know how to schedule posts on blogger? I've tried to schedule posts three times and each time it's gone rather badly. :P So any and all help would be appreciated!

Anyhow, today I have a review of Jack, a new release by Chautona Havig! :D


A lot of hullabaloo on the prairie.

Jack Clausen has led a hard, lonely life, but he’s content with a good job as a cowboy, a faithful horse, and the Lord. But when a near tragedy flings him into the path of a lovely young lady, Jack’s resolve to stay single and alone wavers.
Hazel Meissner has everything a young man could hope for–kindness, gentleness, and just enough playfulness to keep things interesting, but when accusations tear at their relationship, Hazel’s true strength emerges.

Without forgiveness, many lives will be irrevocably changed.

Jack is the first book in the Ballads from the Hearth series. This boo…