Thursday, June 9, 2016

Me is Moving (Important, please read!!)

Aylo to all you wonderful people!
I'm just dropping by quickly to let y'all know that I'm moving over to Wordpress. I love my Aerie, but blogger and I are parting ways.
Hopefully this will help me be more active and post more regularly, because the Wordpress app is WAY better than the Blogger one, and at this point in time I just don't go on an actual computer all that much. Plus, summer is coming, which means actually having time, people. xO What is this crazyness?
Anyway, my new blog address is I hope to see you there! ^-^

Friday, April 1, 2016

On The First Day of Camp...

... I was up at four a.m.
(Well, three thirty eight, to be exact.)

Greetings all!!

Well, the first day of Camp is over for me. I've had a pretty productive day!

At 3:38 I woke up, two minutes before my alarm (after a very long dream in which I dreamed that I was oversleeping and not getting up early like I planned... it was weird O.o)

After getting dressed and getting everything I needed for school out of my room... came the ninja tests.

Ninja Test 1: Make it through the child gate at the top of the stairs and the down the stairs. Silently.
Because "you wake them, you watch them" is my mom's rule about siblings when I decide to get up at insane hours of the morning.
Ninja Grade: Passing. No children woke up. And I only tripped in the dark twice. *nods*
Time of arrival in the kitchen:

Ninja Test 2:
Procure sustenance because it is now 4:20 in the morning, and food is good. Also without waking siblings.
So I made tea.
And a toasted peanut butter sandwich.
Ninja Grade: Pass with flying colors! Not so much as a noise from upstairs.

Now that these all important Ninja Testings have been passed, I sat down to write.

And I wrote. See my shiny new notebook for camp? :D It's so pretty. And fourteen and a half pages are now filled with my wordish scribblings.
Unfortunately, I spent most of my writing time copying from the google doc I had been writing in, and putting all that in my notebook (filling nine and a half pages). But I managed to add a page and a half (283 words) of new words, and throughout the day at school I added another page and a half. So I feel immensely accomplished! :D

What am I writing, you ask? Well... *cue drumroll*

Ta-da! Isn't it pretty? I'll be working on finishing a bunch of my short stories this month (I'm shooting for five) and this is number one. It currently doesn't have a concrete title, but once it does I'll let you all know!
Anyway... yeah! More on that as camp progresses. I'm ending the day with 707 words, and going to bed early so I can get another early morning tomorrow! :D

Are you doing Camp NaNo? How's it going?? (Am I a horrible little porcupine for not posting in so long? There'll be a post about that coming soon as well, along with a massive tag catching up.)

Till then, may your ink flow freely and your words never run dry!

Friday, February 5, 2016

Dragon's Girl -- Flash Fiction

Today I have a flash fiction story for Rachelle O'Neil's Flash Fiction Challenge :D
(Be sure to stop by and check out the other stories as well! I read some of them, and they're really good! :D)
I was given the prompt "Most people would've screamed at the sight of it. She laughed." by Sarah, and I could use it in any form. 
Dragon's Girl ended up at 630 words. Enjoy!

Most people would have screamed. She laughed. 
Laughed as the dragon streaked across the sky. Laughed as she was swept into her mother’s arms and carried at a panicked, jostling pace. Laughed as the dragon landed in front of them and drew in a smoky breath. The bright, carefree giggles of the infant bubbled out of her mouth and hung in the air.
The dragon paused, staring at the child. It crept closer, moving lightly like a cat across the rubble, eyes alight with curiosity. The trembling mother backed away, but the dragon kept coming.
The woman stepped backwards again and felt the ground beneath her foot give way. Her ankle twisted and she fell heavily on her side, clutching the baby tightly and shielding her with her arm.
The mother looked down. Her ankle lay at an unnatural angle, and was already beginning to swell. She grimaced and looked up into the dragon’s face, her eyes wide and pleading for mercy, not for herself, but for her child.
The dragon stopped walking, but leaned closer. The baby reached out a hand and swatted the dragon’s snout, gurgling happily. The dragon froze and drew back, staring with wide eyes at the child.
“You want her?” A shrill voice cut through the air, laced with panic. The mother whipped her head around to look at the woman approaching, the baby’s aunt.
The dragon swiveled its head to eye the aunt. She took three steps and snatched the baby from her mother’s arms. 
“Cecelia!” The mother cried, grabbing for her child and letting out a low moan as her injured ankle betrayed her attempts to stand.
“You want the child?” The aunt asked again, striding towards the dragon and ignoring the mother’s pleas. “Take her! But take your scaly, flea-infested hide and leave us alone!” Her whole body shook as she stood face to face with the beast and said the words.
The dragon looked at the child, then the aunt, then the mother, sobbing from the ground a few paces away. The baby had gone silent, perhaps recognizing the significance of the moment.
Then the dragon scooped the small bundle up in its teeth, surprisingly gently, and leapt into the air.

That night...
“Stand aside.” Karna snarled. “She is mine.”
Her brother Mika swung his tail to block her path. “You cannot possibly keep a human child! You want to bring the villagers down on us because you stole a human’s hatchling?”
Karna glared. “She was given to me. It is my right to keep her. Even the village’s elders would not begrudge me that.”
Mika huffed. “Humans are deceitful. They cannot be trusted.”
“You are biased.”
“I am not building a nest on fool’s gold. You’ve lost your treasure, Karna, and I fear it has driven you mad.”
“I am not mad!” Karna roared. “I will raise her and teach her in our ways. She will not grow up to be like the others!”
“And when it is too weak to take punishment?”
“I will take the punishment for her.”
“It will never fly.”
“I will carry her.”
“And when you cannot? What then?”
Karna’s eyes narrowed. “I will find a way.”
“You have no treasure! How will you provide for her?”
“She will be my treasure, and I will find a way!”
Mika’s eyes flashed. A long minute passed before he hissed, “I cannot stop you, sister. It is your right. But when the soft-scale grows up and leads the human armies against us, you will see. You will see that I was right. You will see that you were wrong. And it will be too late.”

Thursday, February 4, 2016

A Tale for... Thursday? Jack

This should have been up on Tuesday, but one thing led to another and, well, it wasn't. By the way, does anyone know how to schedule posts on blogger? I've tried to schedule posts three times and each time it's gone rather badly. :P So any and all help would be appreciated!

Anyhow, today I have a review of Jack, a new release by Chautona Havig! :D


A lot of hullabaloo on the prairie.

Jack Clausen has led a hard, lonely life, but he’s content with a good job as a cowboy, a faithful horse, and the Lord. But when a near tragedy flings him into the path of a lovely young lady, Jack’s resolve to stay single and alone wavers.

Hazel Meissner has everything a young man could hope for–kindness, gentleness, and just enough playfulness to keep things interesting, but when accusations tear at their relationship, Hazel’s true strength emerges.

Without forgiveness, many lives will be irrevocably changed.

Jack is the first book in the Ballads from the Hearth series. This book was inspired by the old ballad, “Cowboy Jack” and Shakespeare’s Much Ado about Nothing.

Buy it on Amazon here!


My Review: 
Wow! I think this might be one of my favorites of Chautona's books so far! :D

I'm having a hard time figuring out what I loved so much about this book. I loved Deborah and Dirk's verbal sparring. I loved Jack and Hazel's relationship. I loved Jack. I loved that there was more to the story than just romance. I loved the setting (I have a thing about cowboys and ranches ;). I loved the daily life humor that Chautona mixed in. Hm. I'm not sure I can nail down just what made this book so great!

Plot: As I mentioned above, this isn't just a romance! *cue cheering* I mean, I love romance just as much as the next girl, but... when a book is all romance... I don't know, it feels a little repetitive sometimes. :P Thankfully this was not the case with Jack! Yes, the romance was important, but there was also an antagonist with cronies and plotting and... I shall stop before I say anymore. ;)

Characters: Jack and Hazel were just... they were perfect for each other. :) I loved watching their relationship grow and develop. And Jack. Oh Jack... *hugs him* He was such a great character, despite his shortcomings. He wins a place in my list of favorite characters ever :) The secondary characters were fleshed out, as was the antagonist. And the matchmaking scheme had me grinning in places. :D

Writing: I love how realistic the scenes felt! Interactions between characters, even those "You had to be there" moments that leave you giggling (with people giving you odd looks) were captured masterfully!

Five full sheriff's badge stars, and I'd recommend it to anyone who likes westerns, cowboys, clean romance, and historical fiction! :D

Disclaimer: I recieved a free copy of Jack from the author in exchange for my honest review, which I have given.

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Short Pieces Day 2 Prompt

Hey-o all!
(On an unrelated side note, does anyone know where "hey-o" comes from? Uglies? The Safe Lands trilogy? A Time to Die? Did I even spell it right?)
(End unrelated side note)

So I'm participating in a week of prompts and short stories. The prompt for day one can be found here. And (hopefully) I'll be putting up my short story from it later today. You can find details about the week here!

Anywho, here's the prompt I'm giving!

It burned her hand, and she flung it as far away from her as she could.

The word limit is 5,000 max, but it can be as short as you'd like! Have fun!

Tally ho! (No worries, I know what that one's from ;)