In with the New Year, Out with the Old

Annum novum faustem felicem- thus I bid thee cheer!
Annum novum, faustem felicem- in the coming year!
So, it's 2016. How did that happen, again? I mean, I could've sworn it was just Christmas Eve 2012 and I and my friends were discussing whether or not the world was actually going to end. (The majority of us were right ;)

Anyway, time to take a look back.
*trumpets blare*

Let's start with some numbers, shall we?
~In April 2015, I started Flights from the Aerie
~Since then, I have participated in 7 Monday's Minute Challenges, 4 Character Encounters, and a number of blog tours and cover reveals.
~I've had 3,249 pageviews, 10 followers through Google Friend Connect, and an unknown number more by email. Shoutout to all of you- You guys are awesome!! Thank you so much!!
~In July 2015, I did Camp NaNoWriMo for the first time, and got 15,005 words.
~In November 2015, I did regular NaNoWriMo for the first time, and got to 19,843 words, thanks to my AMAZING writing buddies. *virtual hugs all of you*
~And in 2015, I read & recorded 155 books on Goodreads.

Biggest memories of 2015:
~Story Character Scenes and Chats on the Jorum :)
~A Time to Die and A Time to Speak by Nadine Brandes- Oh those endings!! However will I wait until next fall?!
~Ilyon Chonicles by Jaye L. Knight
~The Rizkaland Legends by Kendra E. Ardnek
~Twinepathy by C.B. Cook
~Watermelon gum- Because I finally got my braces off :)
~And I got a job at my town's library! *squeals*

Now, how about a look forward? 
In 2016, I hope to...
~Edit Where Loyalties Lie, send it out to beta-readers, and maybe get it published before the year is out? Maybe? :)
~Put up a new story of mine (Captains of the Sky) as a serial story here on my blog
~Get back on top of things after being sick a lot in 2015
~Read the Bible cover to cover
~Read 200 books
~Post more of my writing on my blog 

And lastly, (but NOT leastly!) a couple of shoutouts (in no particular order):
Patience Bledsoe
And all my awesome friends who constantly put up with my crazyness :)
You guys are AMAZING!! Thank you for walking through this year with me!

So here's to 2016!


  1. Oh, and Yuri outube totally just inspired me to do a serial story!

    1. *laughing cause this is my third comment* I totally typed "you" as "Yuri outube" xD

    2. Haha XD Well I can't wat to read your serial story! I bet it'll be awesome!

    3. xD I haven't even planned it, I just want to do one. :D

  2. You read 155 books!? And you plan to read the entire bible this year!?

    Those alone make me think you must be pretty great/crazy. Happy new year!

    1. Reading the whole bible is a great thing to do ! I am reading it chronologically.

    2. Yep! :) I'm a rather voracious bookworm :)
      Happy new year to you also!

  3. Hey there, Sierra! I'm so glad you started your own blog! :)

    If you want to find out how many email followers you have, you can go to If you sign into your Google account there, it gives you subscriber stats.

    1. Hi Rachelle! :D
      Cool! I didn't know that existed, thank you for telling me about it! :D


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