Character Interview: Izzy

So the other day, Rachael over at The Art of Writing for Him interviewed my character Liam (From my WIP Where Loyalties Lie) and today I got to interview her character Izzy from her novel Awaken the Deliverer!
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What’s your favorite color?
Probably black. *grins*

What is it like being the princess of Marilla?
It’s definitely an interesting experience, I won’t say that it’s fun, not all of the time anyway. 

What is your favorite part about being the princess of Marilla?
Hmm, *squints eyes in concentration* I am going to have to say the food. 

If you could spend an entire day doing anything you wanted, what would you choose to do?
I would sit in my room all alone and eat cake. Or go visit with Kiera, or…*trails off*

What would you say is your best trait?
*flashes a grin* I think my sharpness!

Your worst?
Ehhh, um, probably my stubbornness. 

If you had to make a guess, how would you think you’ll meet your future husband?
At some party my Dad threw together! Yup, that’s it.  

Thanks for coming, Izzy! :D


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