Monday's Minute Challenge 5/11

     My Monday's Minute entry for this week (woohoo!)
     I managed to get this one down to 300 words exactly, and I used the picture prompt submitted by Maddie.
     Here it is!

Serena smiled and leaned back in her chair. From her seat on the porch she watched the fireflies dance. Owls hooted and stars twinkled brightly overhead. It was hot outside, but there was a cool breeze. It was nice here in the middle of nowhere.
As she leaned over to retrieve the glass of water next to her chair, a movement in the woods caught her eye. Star’s probably out again, Serena thought, rolling her eyes. That dog had escaped more times than she could count. No doubt chasing fireflies, though she usually isn’t this quiet.
She stood, stretched, and reached through the screen door to get her dad’s flashlight. “Aunt Kira, I think Star’s loose again. I’m gonna go get her.” she called, before remembering that she was at a meeting.
She slipped on her sandals and made her way across the lawn.
“Star...” Serena called softly. “Here, girl...”
She stopped at the spot where she had seen the movement. A large manilla envelope was lying on the ground. On the front, her name was written in her best friend’s handwriting. Puzzled, Serena picked it up and opened it. Something shiny slid out and tumbled to the ground, landing in the puddle of light from her flashlight.
“‘This is everything I didn’t say’?” Serena read. Despite the heat, she felt a shiver go through her at the words on the CD.
She bent to pick it up, but just as her fingers closed around the edge, she heard Dylan shout “Serena! Run! Take the disc and-”
He never finished. There was a yell, and Serena clutched the disc, running as if her life depended on it. Maybe it did. The thought ran through her head, propelling her faster.
Finally she stopped, out of breath and completely lost.
Now what?


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