A Flash Fiction Story

     Hey everybody! Today I've got a flash fiction story for you.
     It was originally for the Monday's Minutes Challenge on christiswrite.blogspot.com,  but after two failed attempts at writing something short enough, I've decided not to participate this week. Both of my stories ended up being about fifty to sixty words too long, and when I tried cutting words to get it down to 300, it felt as though the story lost something.
     Anyway, I'm going to post them both on here (one today, the other... soon).
     Tell me what you think!

     Liyann crept along the dark tunnel. A spark up ahead made her freeze and press herself against the wall. She didn't breathe until she heard the signal- three low whistles. Then she crept forward again.
     The boy she knew only as Hawk was waiting at the tunnel’s end with a burning torch.
     "Change of plans," he said quietly, handing her a backpack. "Jade's out of the picture. So's Snake."
     Liyann sucked in a sharp breath. Snake was her brother's code name. "What happened to them?"
     "Don't know. Won't until the mission's over. It’s just us now."
     Liyann nodded, only half listening. Her thoughts centered around her brother. Was he all right? "Out of the picture" could mean anything from dead, to captured, to unable to run because of a broken toe.
     Hawk's snapped his fingers in front of her face. "Falcon? Earth to Falcon," he waved his hand across her line of vision. Liyann brushed it away.
     "Sorry. What did you say?"
     "I said, you need to change into the clothes in that backpack," Hawk repeated, "There's an alcove over there, just pull the curtain over the entryway."
     Liyann changed quickly. Within three minutes she was walking back to where Hawk sat, leaning against the wall.
     "Did you check the pockets?" he asked.
     Liyann's face burned. What a dangerous slip on her part.
     "I- I forgot," she mumbled.
     Liyann crouched down and proceeded to check each pocket. They were all empty except the last. She reached her hand in and withdrew her brother's necklace, the one that matched hers. He wore it almost everywhere.
     Hawk paled as she wordlessly held it up. "Snake's," he whispered.
     Liyann felt tears spill down her cheeks. Hawk reached over and gripped her shoulder tightly.
     "Hey," his voice was rough, "It's okay. If he's alive, they'll find him."
     Liyann choked on a sob as she nodded and slipped the necklace over her head.
     Hawk pushed himself to his feet and offered his hand to help her up.
     "Thanks," she whispered, and placed her hand in his. Meeting his gaze, she saw understanding in his brown eyes. Nothing more needed to be said.