How I Discovered Ilyon Chronicles

     Hey Everyone! It's May, which means there's a month long celebration going on for one of the best book series ever! (If you haven't read Resistance or The Kings Scrolls by Jaye L. Knight yet, I suggest that you go look them up- they're awesome.) As part of the Resistance Anniversary Celebration, I'm writing about how I first discovered the Ilyon Chronicles.
     For those of you who don't know me, I am a MAJOR bookworm. So when I got a kindle paperwhite for my birthday back in September, I was blown away by the tons and tons of books that I had never heard of. (Before September, my reading pile consisted of whatever our library network had, and a few books that I got as gifts.)
     Anyway, I'm not sure when Resistance popped up in the list of "recommended titles" on the kindle store, but I looked at it and sort of wavered back and forth about whether or not to read it. I read the sample and was still indecisive. I'm picky when it comes to fantasy, though ironically it is one of my favorite genres. So, I did what I do to samples that I wasn't sure about: I put it in a folder on my kindle to collect virtual dust. *hangs head in shame*
     It must've been a month or so later, and Resistance had sort of stayed in the back of my mind. I heard some good things about it on, and started thinking about it again. I went back and reread the sample of it and, I don't know why, but for some reason the sample grabbed me this time. And then one of my best friends started telling me about this book that she had just read and loved.
    So, hesitantly, I bought Resistance, sat down with it... and finished it in a couple of days. It was AMAZING. I loved Kyrin, and Jace, *little fangirl squeal* and Meredith, and Kaden, and Daniel *another little fangirl squeal*- right from the start. 5 stars. (10 if I could :o))
     Since then, I have read The Kings Scrolls (it's just as good as the first book *happy sigh*), reread all of Resistance, and I'm awaiting Half-Blood and Samara's Peril with bated breath. Only two weeks until we get to see the Half-Blood cover! :D
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