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Hello everyone!
I'm back with another post in The Crossways blog tour! I got to interview Adriel (one of the main characters) and today I get to share that interview with you! :)
The giveaway for a copy of the book is still open, and as always, be sure to check out the other blogs on the tour! 

Welcome to the blog, Adriel! Let's start with (what I hope is) an easy question, if not a bit random sounding: How do you feel about dragons?
*raises eyebrows* Dragons? They’re just like any other animal, I guess. I don’t really like animals. People keep them as pets, but I don’t see why. They’re big and troublesome. They use them in the Arena too, so they can’t all be nice.

Besides Rae, who do you feel the closest to?
My older sister, Ariela. I haven’t seen her in four years, thanks to the horrible strytes who sold her away, but we got along pretty well. She’s older, so she did try to tell me what to do, but it wasn’t in a bossy, controlling way like our oldest brother Jaysen. She made you want to pay attention, even though I didn’t usually listen when it came to the point. She was kind of a peacemaker too. I didn’t get along with either of my brothers, but Ariela helped us be civil to each other. 

What is the first thing you'll do when you and Rae are together and free?
I’m torn between finding the rest of my family and punishing the strytes. I want my family to be back together more than anything, but it’s because of the strytes that we’re apart and my dad is dead. They shouldn’t get off without punishment for all the cruelties they’ve inflicted on my family and so many others. I do miss my mom and my sisters and brothers, though. I think I’d find them first and then bring justice on the strytes.

Do you have a favorite color?
Not really. I’ve got too much else on my mind to think about colors. Rae’s is green. I guess I like blue. I don’t like red. I’ve seen too much blood for that. Maybe if I wasn’t a slave I’d have more time for normal things like favorite colors. Or maybe if I was just more like Rae. But I’m not.

Do you have any good memories of growing up?
*snorts* The strytes took care of that. Everything about my life has been tainted by slavery and oppression. That doesn’t exactly make for a happy childhood, especially since I can’t see the good in everything like Rae can. The few occasions where we were able to have some family time were nice, but we were usually exhausted on the rare occasion that did happen. If I’d grown up free, I’m sure I’d have lots of good memories of growing up, I do have a pretty great family and I love them a lot, but being slaves took away any chance of that.

About the Book

“M’lady, it has been fairly well confirmed that the Redona was hidden away by the merfolk at the conclusion of the Great War instead of destroyed as was commanded. My brother has confirmed to me Joseph’s belief that it was concealed at the Crossways.”
Toarna pressed her fingertips together in thought. “It must be recovered and destroyed as was at first intended.”

Emily, Allan, Jill, and Joey have been reunited with their long lost ancestors. But with that reunion comes the true beginning of their quest: free the rightful king of Calhortz so that he may be restored to his throne. The Redona, the only object that can free him from his long imprisonment, is rumored to be concealed in The Crossways, a mountain across the sea which cannot be entered.
A slave since birth, Adriel’s resentment and hatred towards the strytes only grows as his family is continually ripped from him. He longs for the freedom the Time Captives are prophesied to bring, but he doubts their existence, just as he doubts God’s love. Circumstances in Calhortz are so dire. How could they ever improve?
Who can enter The Crossways? Will the king ever be freed? Or will the slaves of Calhortz lose all hope of freedom before it is even offered to them?

The Crossways is the second book of the Time Captives trilogy, a tale of faith, family, fantasy, and a fight for truth and freedom.

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About the Author

Morgan Elizabeth Huneke is a homeschool graduate who lives in Georgia. She has enjoyed creating characters and writing stories since early childhood. Her other interests include reading, playing the piano and violin, and politics. She is the author of Across the Stars and The Experiment.

You can connect with Morgan on her websiteblogFacebookTwitterGoogle Plus, and Pinterest.


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