MMC 7/6

     Hey there, everyone!
     I'm back again with another Monday's Minute Challenge! (hosted by Tessa Emily Hall on her blog: My entry for this one is 260 words, and I used the picture prompt and the sentence prompt (both submitted by Maddie).
     Side notes/updates:
     The Space Kitties Facebook party was a blast (pun fully intended :) ) yesterday. I know I had a lot of fun, and a huge thank you to everyone who took the time to hang out with all of us authors!
     Camp NaNoWriMo and Ransom. Well, I've changed my wordcount again. I'm shooting for 25,000 words (more if I can) and I've already passed 10,000. I promise you though, this story will NOT die out after camp ends!
     And now, my Monday's Minute entry.

      “Hey, Tara,” Karly picked up her phone. “What’s up?”
      “Hey, Karly!” her friend answered. “Nothin much. How ‘bout you? How are things in the secret agent corner of the world?”
      Karly grinned. “Classified, as always.”
      The two friends shared a laugh.
      “So,” Tara said, “I was calling to ask… oh, wait. Hold on a second, Josh is at the door.”
      Karly's laughter died. "Josh... who?"
      "Josh Mainstrom, of course!"
      Karly heard the door opening, and then the muffled sounds of a conversation between Tara and Josh. Finally the door shut again.
      "Okay, I'm back." Tara said, and Karly could hear her footsteps echo through the entryway of her house.
      "What'd he want?"
      "He brought me coffee. Wasn't that sweet? And not the store kind in one of those cheap styrofoam cups, but, like, actual coffee in a nice mug."
      Karly froze. "You- you haven't drank any of it... have you?"
      "No, silly! I'm talking to you! It smells delicious though..."
      "Dump it out, Tara. Right now!"
      It said something about their friendship that Tara didn't question Karly's order, and the horrified gasp on the other end of the phone confirmed Karly's fears.
      Images flashed through her mind: a white mug, empty, with the words "you've been poisoned" written on the bottom in black sharpie. No, they can't do that! she told herself. But they could. Of course they could.
      They could do anything they wanted.
      "Don't move, Tara." She ordered before hanging up. "Like, don't even answer your phone or the door, just wait for me. I'll be right there."


  1. Wow! That was awesome!! I loved reading it! :)

  2. That was wonderful and chilling. I want to read more! Good job!! :)


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