MMC 7/20

Hello there!
Once again, I'm participating in the Monday's Minute Challenge hosted by Tessa Emily Hall on her blog. Also, this'll be my last post for a few weeks, since I'll be going on vacation with hardly any wifi. But when I get back I'll have some great blog tours coming up!
Anyway, my story this week is 262 words long, and it's a continuation of last week's story about Tara and Karly. (You can read last week's story here) I used the sentence prompt (submitted by Natalie), and had to write a piece either including, or based around the sentence: I turned around to get a better look and immediately wished I hadn't.

     “Tara?” Karly called softly as she pushed open the door to her friend’s apartment. “Tara, are you in here?”
     She took a step further and gasped. The entire room had been ransacked. Drawers lay overturned on the floor, and several things were broken.
     “Tara?” She called a bit louder. “Tara, where are you? Are you all right?”
     Something in the adjoining room caught her eye. Karly turned around to get a better look and immediately wished she hadn't. “Tara!”
     She ran for the door, blindly snatching up a heavy object in case the intruder was still lurking about. Tara was sprawled on the floor in the next room, an empty white mug on the ground beside her. As Karly kneeled down beside her, she lifted her head and opened her eyes. “Karly?”
     The two friends threw their arms around each other.
     “I thought you were the guy coming back!” Tara explained. “I thought he, I don’t know, figured out that I was just playing dead before.”
     “Who was he, Tara?” Karly asked.
     Tara shook her head. “I don’t know. Whoever he was, he wore all black, and he didn’t look twice once he saw me on the floor with the empty mug.”
     “Oh,” Karly nodded. “He probably figured you had drank the poison. But you’re all right, right?”
     Tara nodded. “Though my heart feels like it’s going to beat out of my chest.”
     Karly laughed a little. “That’s understandable.”
     She pushed herself to her feet and pulled Tara up as well. “Come on, my car’s outside. We should get you someplace safe.”