Time is like a cat

Bad tempered
Moody like the swing of the summer wind
It rips and tears and weeps and shelters
And I soar on its drifts
Up drafts
Down drafts
As I draft
Poetry inspired by the howling gales

The muse is also like a cat
It loves to be stroked and petted
Rubbed behind the ears
But whether or not
It decides you are worthy
To touch its head
Run your fingers across its fur
Whether it grants you
A sandpaper lick on your fingers
Or curls its tail around your wrist
Or, heaven bless you, purrs
Is the challenge

And a story is like a kitten
Mewing for attention
Too small
Wobbling on tiny paws
Not yet having mastered the grace of the Tail
Too small to fend for itself
So you do
You feed it and pet it and care for it
And it eats and purrs
And suddenly
There is a Cat where before you had a Kitten
And it looks at you with soulful eyes
Flicks its tail
Maybe leaves the room when you enter
Maybe stays
And that's the beautiful thing
If it leaves, it will come back
If it stays
If it comes back
It is not because it must
It is because it loves you

(Maybe everything is like a cat.

Cats are beautiful.)


  1. i don't like cats *ducks*, but i like this. and i didn't see each new comparison


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