On The First Day of Camp...

... I was up at four a.m.
(Well, three thirty eight, to be exact.)

Greetings all!!

Well, the first day of Camp is over for me. I've had a pretty productive day!

At 3:38 I woke up, two minutes before my alarm (after a very long dream in which I dreamed that I was oversleeping and not getting up early like I planned... it was weird O.o)

After getting dressed and getting everything I needed for school out of my room... came the ninja tests.

Ninja Test 1: Make it through the child gate at the top of the stairs and the down the stairs. Silently.
Because "you wake them, you watch them" is my mom's rule about siblings when I decide to get up at insane hours of the morning.
Ninja Grade: Passing. No children woke up. And I only tripped in the dark twice. *nods*
Time of arrival in the kitchen:

Ninja Test 2:
Procure sustenance because it is now 4:20 in the morning, and food is good. Also without waking siblings.
So I made tea.
And a toasted peanut butter sandwich.
Ninja Grade: Pass with flying colors! Not so much as a noise from upstairs.

Now that these all important Ninja Testings have been passed, I sat down to write.

And I wrote. See my shiny new notebook for camp? :D It's so pretty. And fourteen and a half pages are now filled with my wordish scribblings.
Unfortunately, I spent most of my writing time copying from the google doc I had been writing in, and putting all that in my notebook (filling nine and a half pages). But I managed to add a page and a half (283 words) of new words, and throughout the day at school I added another page and a half. So I feel immensely accomplished! :D

What am I writing, you ask? Well... *cue drumroll*

Ta-da! Isn't it pretty? I'll be working on finishing a bunch of my short stories this month (I'm shooting for five) and this is number one. It currently doesn't have a concrete title, but once it does I'll let you all know!
Anyway... yeah! More on that as camp progresses. I'm ending the day with 707 words, and going to bed early so I can get another early morning tomorrow! :D

Are you doing Camp NaNo? How's it going?? (Am I a horrible little porcupine for not posting in so long? There'll be a post about that coming soon as well, along with a massive tag catching up.)

Till then, may your ink flow freely and your words never run dry!


  1. This made me smile - especially about you trying to make your way silently in the dark. ;D. Every noise seems so loud! Best wishes for Camp NaNo, Sierra!:D. You can do it!

    1. :D Glad you enjoyed it! The hardest part was unlocking the child gate, and then locking it again. *shivers* ;D

  2. Great ninja-ing!! And writing!! Lovely notebook. I love new notebooks (I just got one yesterday. For no reason.) :D
    I also love your new blog look! :)
    "Just keep writing, just keep writing, what do we do, we write...write...write" - Dory. =)

    1. Thanks Raechel! :) Notebooks are the best :D
      I'm glad you like it! I still have to tweak some things, but I'm really happy with how it turned out :)
      "Just keep writing... Ooh, a thing!"

  3. S&V!!! Legit the best story ever! Well, you know how Camp is going for me. :D

    1. :D Aw, thanks! *grins* Less of a mess than WLL is right now, no? xP

    2. *gasps* WLL isn't a mess! It's a beautiful mess if it is!

  4. well done on your successful stealth mode stylings. and write on!
    (i love the revamped look of your blog, too, btw.)

  5. Oversleeping dreams...I hate those. I dream about being late all the time. It's awful.

    Glad Camp's starting well! I really enjoyed this post. :)

    1. Aye, oversleeping dreams are terrible. :)
      I'm glad you enjoyed it! Are you doing Camp?

    2. Definitely.
      Not this year, it doesn't really fit my writing schedule, but I extended my Pacemaker plan through April, so I am doing that.

  6. YES! Another notebook-writer! This makes me immensely happy. :D
    Also, very nice ninja-ing. *nods*

    1. Yay fellow notebook writer!! *high five* :D
      *nods stealthily back* I am the nighttime notebook ninja.

  7. Camp or not, I cannot believe that you were up and able to make sense at that time of the morning!!


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