A Tale for Tuesday - Implant

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Today marks the start of a new feature here at the Aerie- A Tale for Tuesday!
(Virtual cookies to anyone who can tell me the children's book that inspired the title ;) )
Also, be on the lookout for a blog design change here soon. I'm super excited- now let's see if I can pull it all together the way I want :)
And now, I have a review of the fantastic book Implant, by J. Grace Pennington!

Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for my honest review, which I have given. 

This. Book. Is. Amazing.
Seriously. A. Maz. Ing.
Like, read in an afternoon, cannot put it down amazing.
I was a little nervous, having never read any of this author's books before, though several were on my TBR list. I'll be remedying that now that I've read Implant. :) It's set in a not too distant future, and revolves around the idea of an implant that effectively eliminates disease and illness- but is able to track and kill someone as well.

What I liked:
It was unique! I've read lots of books, and sometimes I'm disappointed because it feels like I'm reading the same old thing. Implant was like no book I had read before.
It was unpredictable! I'm a hard to surprise bookworm. Maybe because I've read so much? Anyway, I've usually guessed the end/big reveal before it happens. Except with this one. I believe there was one detail I accurately predicted, and it wasn't even a major plot point. There were so many twists- All masterfully executed and brilliantly pulled off!
Plus, there was no romance. I don't mind romance in books (I'm a fangirl, what can I say? ;), but I must say it was refreshing to read one without any. 

The Characters: Oh, the characters. OH THE CHARACTERS. They were real, and relatable, and human. They had their flaws, and their personalities, and their secrets. (Might we pause for a second to appreciate the secrets? I never knew who to trust! See "it was unpredictable" above :D )

What I disliked:
A few scenes I had to read twice because I wasn't quite sure what had happened. Other than that, um, hm... *crickets* I honestly can't think of anything else to put here...

I'd recommend this to anyone who loves sci-fi, spec fic, and action. It'd probably be best for ages thirteen and up, because of the intensity. 
Five stars!


  1. Sounds interesting! I added it to my books-to-read wishlist on Amazon. :)


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