Top Ten Tuesday and Auto-Buy Authors

Aliteration is absolutely awesome- anyone agree?
Anyway, today I'm doing (for the first time) a Top Ten Tuesday, hosted over at The Broke and the Bookish.
Today's prompt is: "Top Ten Of Your Auto-buy Authors (no matter the genre or what it's'll buy it from these authors!)"
And here, in no particular order, are my 10!

Jaye L. Knight

Melanie Dickerson

Kendra E. Ardnek

Shantelle Mary Hannu

Faith Blum

Krista McGee

Andrew Peterson

John Flanagan

Morgan Elizabeth Huneke

Margaret Peterson Haddix

Are any of these authors on your list? What are your Top 10 Auto-Buy Authors


  1. Wow. I'm honored to be on this list. Some of these are auto buy for me too, though I'm often also a beta reader before that buy. ;)

    1. I finally read Creighton Hill on Sunday, it was fantastic! :) Awesome! I've only beta read a few books, but I've found it really fun.

  2. LOVE Melanie Dickerson!!! She's not on my list this week only because I just talked about her yesterday lol. My TTT

    1. Lovely list! I haven't read most of those authors, but I'll have to look them up :)

  3. Lovely list! Some of mine are likewise, Jaye L. Knight, Melanie Dickerson, Tessa Afshar, Stephanie Landsem, Chuck Black, and Alicia Ruggieri to name just a few.^.^

    1. Oh yes, Tessa Afshar and Chuck Black are great authors :) I haven't heard of Stephanie Landsem or Alicia Ruggieri though, I'll have to look them up!

  4. Krista McGee's books are amazing! :)


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