Another Monday's Minute Challenge

Well, here it is! My second Monday's Minute Challenge entry. :o)
My entry is exactly 200 words, and I combined two of the prompts:
The three items "clouds, letter, and train" (submitted by Maddie/Meredith)
And this picture:
(submitted by Lace)

So, without further ado, my entry:

Dove stood on the platform of the train station, holding a newspaper over her head in a feeble attempt to shield herself from the pouring rain. Her uncle’s letter had said that he would meet her here, but she didn’t see him anywhere.
Cars drove by on the road, and a particularly large truck sent a wave of water cascading over her. Dove jumped back as the dirty water splashed against her white shirt. “Come on!
“Having troubles, miss?” A well dressed gentleman asked politely.
“What? Oh, no. I’m all right. It’s just all this rain.” Dove scowled up at the dark rainclouds. “But you can’t help with that.”
The man smiled and twirled his cane with expert fingers. “Can’t I?”
At that very moment, the clouds parted and the rain lessened. Dove gaped at the man. He smiled once more, tipped his hat to her, and disappeared into the crowd.
“Dove!” Her uncle’s voice cut through the noise and commotion of the train station. “Over here!”
Dove craned her neck for one last glance at the man, but he was gone. Instead, she spotted her uncle moving towards her, and quickly rushed over to the shelter of his umbrella.


  1. Love it! but now I'm going insane wondering... who's the mysterious man? *jumps up and down*


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